Delta Network System was founded in 1993, as a proprietary business firm owned by Engr. Rafel Kabir. The initial field of business was off-line Internet service & computer products. In September 1996 DNS formed a joint-ventured with BRAC, one of the leading Non-Government Organization (NGO) in Bangladesh, to establish BDMail Network Ltd, a pioneer Internet Service Provider (ISP). The current senior management of DNS ran the first three years of operation BRAC BDMail.

Spreading her wings in the communication and IT sector, DNS expanded with the formation of BDTel Communications Ltd. in 1999, which is a subsidiary of DNS. As companies under DNS were growing, DNS Group was formed to create an umbrella, and create a synergy for all the companies operating under DNS in the IT sector.

DNS Software was launched in the early 2000s and has grown into a prominent mobile contents provider with affiliation to all telecom operators within Bangladesh.