Delta Network System

Delta Network System Ltd. is the core entity of DNS group, with the vision of providing best solution for advanced networking and integration solutions and services. During the last Eighteen (18) Years of business, DNS has created not only customer loyalty but also a perfect blend of technical and managerial skills. As a result, DNS has developed confidence for exploring new areas in IT/ITES sector taking poised steps forward in the IT field. Read More...

DNS Software Ltd.

DNS Software Ltd (DSL) is medium sized software development and IT enabled service Provider Company located in Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was founded in the year of 2001 as third new member of Delta Network Systems (DNS) Group (Which was established in 1993), under the provision of private limited company Act abiding the constitutional laws of The People's Republic of Bangladesh. Read More...

DNS Satcomm Ltd.

DNS SatComm Ltd. is a communication solutions organization using various wireless technologies.  We try our utmost to offer the most feasible, cost-effective and reliable solutions to our clients, using all available communication technologies.

DNS SatComm Ltd. has established her own Earth Station in Gazipur (Dhaka), to provide nationwide connectivity. We received from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), our nationwide license in November of 2002, and are the first operator to be issued such a license by the Commission. The license allows us to operate our Earth Station and provide connectivity to any region in Bangladesh.

Some of the Connectivity Solutions available via DNS SatComm Ltd. are:

  • Single Carrier per Channel (SCPC) Technology
  • Time Division Multiplexing/Multiple Access (TDM/TDMA) Technology
  • Frequency Time Division Multiple Access (FTDMA) Technology
  • Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) Technology
  • Wireless (RF) Technology


SatComm developed a specialized project named “BancNet” for banking institutions, to provide a secure and reliable data and financial transaction network among their branches.  SatComm envisions herself as both a local and international provider in the near future with availability of SCPC, TDM/TDMA, FTDMA, and DVB technology for wireless communication. 

SatComm currently follows ISO 9001:2000 standard of quality service and is expected to receive its certification in March 2003. Additionally, SatComm received it Nationwide License to provide comprehensive regional wireless communication coverage from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) in November 2002.
Our other licenses include Domestic Data Communication Service Provider (DDCSP), Nationwide Internet Service Provider and VSAT Service Provider License under the banner of DNS Group. Read More...

DNS Investment Management Ltd.

DNS is lunching her flagship holding company DNS Investment Management Ltd.