Key Achievement/Milestone

  1. Introduction of off line e-mail system in Bangladesh (1993)
  2. Implementation of satellite based Wide Area Network solution for Standard Chartered Bank in a single platform (2001)
  3. Automation of BTTB Billing from manual to computerized (2002)
  4. Transfer of SWIFT transaction system from SITA to IP (2004)
  5. Transfer of GDS system from SITA to IP (2004)
  6. Implement Wide Area Network transaction solution for Dhaka Stock Exchange (2005)
  7. Implementation of one million transaction capacity Switching Software for biggest ATM and POS network of Bangladesh, Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. (2006)
  8. First government shared Satellite Earth Station in private sector in Bangladesh (2006)
  9. One of the winner of WiMax license (2008)
  10. IP Telephony license winner (2009)